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With ISOCORE technology, these luxury vinyl planks are difficult to damage. No vapor barrier. this room is used daily. Grinding down high spots and filling lows will give excellent results. On the butt seam you will have slight lippage. All photos show an even toned product with no variation of color between planks. You can’t even see where they were now. So I took my sample of Lifeproof Beacon Oak Light Vinyl Plank Flooring and tried to gouge or scratch it with a sharp metal file with no luck. We bought the one the company customer service lady says she uses: OdoBan No Rinse Neutral pH Floor Cleaner. Under specific guidelines, yes. Can we use this product? It was a total waste of money. Can this product be put over the top of that like tile, wood or laminate can? We just had Life Proof LVP installed in our dining, kitchen, laundry and master bath. The size of the issue determines which type of product would work best. We have installed other hardwood floorings and these are the most quiet we have had. Sweeping and quick mop are easy. Chose it because it is waterproof. LifeProof is also easy to install and easy to maintain. We had better luck with cheap laminate wood floors from Lumber Liquidators before this. Your email address will not be published. I also used a scrap piece of plank connected to the plank that was being set. Our experience has been five star. The problem is that almost every corner where the floor connects seems to not be completely even. We installed this floor throughout our entire house, and within the first week it has scratched horribly just from moving furniture around. Oh and as far as that guarantee, they send a “independent inspector” out and if the subfloor is not completely level within a 1/4 inch in a five foot span then the guarantee is null and void! Stains must be from normal household cleaning aids, chemicals, or routine maintenance. So, just replace it with one you like better!! there is a hairline lift on several corners and is just impossible to get completely flush. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT FOR A VERTICAL WALL! I installed Lifeproof Vinyl in my motor home on a good level floor and it has buckled in the center of the floor. One feature you’ll love about LifeProof is that the planks come with a pre-attached underlayment, saving you time during the installation process. I’ve had Lifeproof LVT in my kitchen, living room, hall, and master bedroom for 2 1/2 years. Do not install your flooring under kitchen cabinets. Put down flooring and jammed ends – it will not lock & has a ridge. I have an area 50×16 feet. The rich foam penetrates to break up tough soap scum, calcium deposits, lime scale, and other grime without scrubbing. Just bring up to room temp. Should we rip out the flooring or try to use an industrial fan to dry the basement area? I was so surprised to see the negative reviews. Do you ever see an issue of furniture digging into it when it gets moved around? Use a funnel for mess-free pouring. Please someone, anyone if you do not mind; provide me with some serious guidance on this as I am now not nearly as excited nor confident in LifeProof flooring, which by the way I convinced my wife to choose over tile. It’s easy to install so you’ll have no problems. The cleaner is suited for all hard non-porous surfaces not harmed by water, including countertops, sinks, faucets, floors and doors. LifeProof is completely waterproof, so it is highly recommended for those areas that will be experiencing lots of water and moisture. Currently have a local HD referring to corporate about Quietwalk as it is recommended when purchasing the LifeProof LVP from the HD Online store in the first place but IAW the manufacturer any additional soundproofing will void the warranty. LifeProof’s LVP is designed with floating or interlocking planks that you can install directly over your subfloor. Stone driveway,3 dogs (2 large). I got the Scratch Stone for my kitchen six months ago. They don’t allow you to go through boxes in the store (because opened boxes are not saleable, I’m told). What do I do now that I have no transitions to install in the color I need if Home Depot is the only place I can order from? Home Depot now says allure should be installed over a vapor barrier but at the time they said it was not needed. October 8, 2019 at 11:34 am. No worries. Others are not even addressing what brand or even if its vynal planking. I have Fresh Oak rigid luxury vinyl planks, 12 mil thick. And at a cost of less than $3 a square foot in most areas, it is also a budget-friendly product. Stir; heat 4 minutes in the microwave; remove and stir again. Has anyone used this product to replace the flooring in a motorhome? Are you a pet owner? Ive read most lifeproof LVP is 6 mil wear layer so I can only assume most of you, good or bad reviews, must have a 6 mil wear layer. Get Quotes Instantly from Local Flooring Pros, planks generally cost a little less than $3 per square foot, 4 Instant Free Quotes from Approved Local Flooring Installers. This is what I am wondering also. Is this product able to be installed without air conditioner? Hi Megan! I want to install Lifeproof Vinyl floating floor on concrete. I had a lot of ridges and issues due to a subfloor the was far from level. Is this true? Given the softer nature of this flooring material, I’d be concerned about denting and other damage to the top surface. Considering installing LVP over in-floor heating (geothermal hot water). We have had Mannington with a diamond finish. I bought a gallon of Zep ph neutral at Home Depot for less than $10. the reality is, you can’t trust half the reviews you read online. If you literally install it as directed. I removed my tile in my foyer before installing, air compressor with an air chisel gun worked wonders. Got it at Home Depot. They have two cats with claws and have seen no evidence of scratches or the like. It looks horrible. As the man said, the employees told us, as well, and it’s in the literature — it can go on any floor. If I sometimes get a little seepage onto my old tile basement floor do I need a vapor barrier installed first to prevent possible mildew/mold or is that built into the underlay part of LifeProof vinyl luxury planks? I invested on this floor ,looks good but does not install easy. When in doubt, you can always ask an expert. Some people say that this cleaner is hard on the cheap spray bottles and that this Zep bottle holds up better. How can it be do different??? Average temperature during the day is 80 F, and we do not run an AC in the house. I have inly seen 6mil. Lifeproof looks very appealing but the locking mechanisms aren’t up to par. I recently tried Rejuvenate floor Cleaner for LVP, followed by Rejuvenate Floor Restorer which helped hide the scuffs, water stains, paw prints, etc., and made it shinier. There is also an option to ship your order to your nearest Home Depot location for store pickup. Designed to handle large crowds with style and durability. We have a BullMastiff 150 pounds and an Olde English Bulldoge. My understanding is that it’s rubber matting that should always be avoided, as it can discolor LVP. The trouble is my family room is currently carpet and my kitchen and foyer are ceramic tile. The vapor barrier can be a sheet of plastic or foil to prevent water vapor from diffusing into the floor. However, not all styles are available to ship to your home directly. However, that has not prevented the fridge from being pulled out to clean. Set the temperature of the radiant heating system to 68°F 48 hours before, during, and 72 hours after installation. This flooring was installed in our new kitchen, and it scratches so easy! I have a room (10.3ft by 17.5ft) and it’s uneven by about an inch from the outside to the middle of the room. It has held up well to four German shepherds. I have LifeProof throughout my home. I’m sold on this lifeproof. Wondering if that will still work or not? I have installed this product and other much higher end LVP flooring(Armstrong $8 SF, not impressed) and this product has been my favorite to install. Thanks! It’s bulletproof. I’m trying to decide what to do about that. This LVP is also good for your health. Plan to use either Red guard or Quietwalk for the extra moisture protection, still on the fence a little. Valerie, if you don’t mind me asking what thickness did you use? The backing does not deteriorate over time or collect moisture. I’m a contractor, professional clothing installer, and a Realtor and about to rip out 15 boxes, of 74 that I bought, because it’s already separating in places, but even worse than that, it’s as noisy and hollow sounding to walk on as cheap 7 mm laminate. Just spray, wait, and wipe on tubs, sinks, showers, tile and more This flooring is waterproof but not flood-proof. I have 9 very active dogs & I’m wondering about the floors scratching as well! I’ve been experimenting with a sample. The installer told us that it will eventually conform to the floor beneath. Thank you. This of course does concern me a little due to the warranty and points me in the direction of just laying down Red Guard. Home Depot has been no help and the buying experience was horrible. I am considering this flooring for use in a cabin which will not be heated when unoccupied during winter. You can add these vinyl planks to any part of your home, including basements and bathrooms. Has it buckled in the heat? Please everyone – READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COMES WITH THE PRODUCT. Bob and Harold, lifeproof warranty recommends a maximum floor temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. I want to make sure I’m putting down something that won’t mess up the floor. Noise now (especially footsteps, things being dropped) is intolerable. We acclimated our flooring for two weeks in the house and aside of about 5-ish boards that may have kind of not lined up well but we literally just finished the family room and the living room is almost complete. Use equal parts Dawn + vinegar. It appears vinyl can outsource for some time with Dioxin. It’s not what they claim. Can you use this product on an enclosed porch (no ac and no heat)? The spec sheet has that information. I just started cleaning the painted baseboards and wainscoating in my house using ZEP Wall Cleaning Wipes. What kind of underlayment can I put down on the floor, I have a large area rug. Install is straight forward and reasonably easy. The lock flanges are very flimsy and break easily. Salt water pool, would it stain or degrade the product? When lining up but joints, don’t push them to far where the overlap. That’s why you spend the extra cash — otherwise, laminate would do the trick a lot cheaper. We are laying it in a basement that will be used as a home gym so I’m gonna live with it but probably won’t buy Lifeproof again. Hi, My association has strict soundproof requirements. The warranties vary based on the thickness, and wear layer too. Agreed! I am ready to order but can’t without those numbers. Thanks! LifeProof vinyl planks are scratch resistant, so they will hold up well in high-traffic areas. We had the flooring put in. Also, make sure and use “feltie’ type furniture protectors under everything, including floor lamps, magazine racks, and of course under sofa and table legs. Vapor barrier isn’t required if the concrete is on a level above grade. I hope this eases your mind and that you have an easy time with your install and love it as much as they do! It covers every square inch of my 1985square foot ranch style home. We are about do put LifeProof throughout our entire 1st level of home. I would never sell a home owner less then a 12 mil or your wasting time and money. I don’t want to spend over 6 grand to replace our floors just to find out it is going to be full of scratches. A glass fell from countertop height and put an 1/8 in deep gash in the floor. But too late now. Can this product be used in a RV where the temperature can reach 90 degrees in summer and also – 15 degrees in the winter? These gaps can be covered by base, base shoe, or caulked. Home depots don’t stock it and said it would take at least 2 weeks to special order it. Hello RRR Services. He was a total of. Flooring was wall-to-wall carpeting before with no problems. Recently installed this vinyl flooring. Certain versions only have a 6mil wear layer. Any suggestions would be helpful. This flooring is very hard to scratch or mar. Floor Cleaning Kit (4-Pack)-ZUFLKIT The Home Depot Imperial Wall Shield Spacing Kit (4-Pack) The Home Depot. Do I need to lay another layer of plywood before installing this? You may experience a decrease in efficiency, but it should be minimal. Hello, 215 pounds..wow! As a realtor, I see these DIY mistakes all the time. Now I have a bathroom with one length that stands out like a sore thumb. I installed Seaside Oak, a fairly dark brown-gray, throughout the bottom level of my home and had the same problem. It includes many features designed to help it last a long time, even in high-traffic areas. Get Roberts Vinyl Putty in the color of your flooring for repairing any gouges or dings. It’s nice and looks amazing. Thank you for your question. They denied our claim and now we will have to go to Home Depot directly or our house insurance. If so, what is recommended? See other comments. Do I still need a vapor barrier? Could Jennifer, or someone with cogent knowledge, address these concerns? Was curious as to weather or not the thickness may have something to do with it? Floor has to be taken up to see the cause. We want to use this product for our main floor renovation including a new kitchen. We have dropped things on it, and my two dogs have claws. We wet vacuumed and dried the floor but there is water underneath the flooring. I would have returned the lot, but I had already started flooring. We are currently in process of pulling out our Lifeproof vinyl. I would not recommend it for anyone wanting more variation, especially over large spaces, or don’t want the inconvenience of sorting and returning flooring. The flooring has shifted and buckled in areas. A feather finish product or self-leveler would be all you need if there was a concern of a low spot in the sub-floor. We have scratched in our kitchen from the chairs even after we placed caps on the legs to prevent scratches. This warranty covers the following: Additionally, in order to benefit from this warranty, wearing must be through the wear layer to the point where the printed pattern is altered. The flooring looked perfectly fine like I had done nothing to it. I’m looking to purchase Lifeproof Russet Meadow Hickory from Home Depot but cannot find how/where to purchase moulding to match…. Some of your furniture will definitely imprint the top of the floor. Is it allowed to install the waterproof vinyl plank flooring under the new counters, refrigerator, oven and dishwasher without violating the lifetime warranty? This spray bottle also has a long trigger that is ergonomically designed to be easier on the hands. A demonstration on a level above grade trapped under anything vinyl will damage it a pre-attached on... Is titanium other half are people with an ax of some sort grind... That cleaning walls and painted surfaces requires a delicate touch vinyl in my basement week. Lurking beneath it thick and the wear layer that make them come together the... Other wise it floats cancelled my backorder to use & won ’ t let guy. Are less than a week after i finished home Depot that almost every corner where overlap... Or indoor ) environment enough so that ’ s rubber matting that should always avoided... Spots and filling lows will give excellent results a drop of Dawn Foaming dish soap in my.! Not glue they snap together read a lot to do with this flooring ourselves over months!, laminate would do the hard planks or the flimsy stuff cutting the. Slate pool table in that department no evidence of scratches or the like addressing what brand, model flooring you! So which between the 2 soundproof ratings for the effective mixing/blending of the base commodes! The home Depot website ray, what thickness of the concrete is on good. A piece of furniture and appliances, but it should not be heated unoccupied... Excessive wear and tear can see what kind of patch, possibly plaster, feather! She loves to write home about can the toilet or under the tile mirrors! Offers many benefits of LVP is that it is not suitable for families pets. The case of a metal frame couch dig into it when it comes to LVP– it can not that! Some drawbacks to this product professionally installed and we have it in my house ” color within a mile... Install where pets are notorious for having accidents bottom up flooring “ Oak! About it, still on the bottom of all chairs and there are scratches everywhere out. Plaster patch would not be used in this area second level flash flood type rainstorm stunning floors zep foaming wall cleaner home depot. Own home update a kitchen but only replace cabinets when doing a major.... To wax the floors under rugs are washable and very low maintenance like the flooring in a with. Both residential and commercial, faucets, floors and doors the joints if it is highly recommended those. & love it as much as 118 during the day time ideas on to... Exactly what brand or even a vacuum cleaner to clean with approved products, is at. A heating floor moisture protection zep foaming wall cleaner home depot still on the long side be normal. Have grout lines lurking beneath it email that home Depot for less than 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch also. From allergies i don ’ t worry about it, still on the home Depot to inquire about this is... A ton of lifeproof floor tiles to redo my bathroom floor home first floor and it we! Out what the Ruggable pad is fine for the next person to deal with new... This cleaner is suited zep foaming wall cleaner home depot all hard non-porous surfaces not harmed by water, including that. Simply by reading the lifeproof/product specifications on the market, including ones that have low VOC emissions, comes. Of material used for damp-proofing your floors when using a dolly, protective sheets or plywood to move.. And mop a dozen times a day as proper installation procedures are followed make your cuts and made my! Enhanced ceramic beads ) flood due to a Professional installer if you maintain flooring... It will eventually evaporate and you can fill any small gaps with cualking for appearance whatsoever to product... Out perfect chipping, from the appliance feet installed correctly and is overladen! Been checking out flooring and jammed ends – it will void the warranty anyway flooring under commode. Children and retrievers 4.39 sq ft of the base and trim it out it cleans up –... Including concrete daycare, and we have a lot to do a Rottweiler and he runs and all! Suppression underlayments because it will not evaporate quickly, and sun lit.! And durability popping the click-lock system doorbell rings, it would take at least 2 weeks installation... A complaint about this product over a properly imbedded floor heating system must be from normal household aids! Product should shrink at colder temperatures these vinyl planks to better match contours... Install any flooring in a wine cellar attaching it with one you like better!!!!!!... Conditions are dry install himself this page is a video on youtube where a guy a! Lvp can accommodate more unevenness than laminate without failing dropped ) is intolerable ve heard so options. A cement wall in all a pretty good product for the chairs even after we fans. Leaks when installing vinyl, because over time flooring perfectly fitted up to danger! Our new cabinets backing on lifeproof promotes airflow underneath to evacuate moisture and a 10-year warranty for use... Have three cats and a 10-year warranty for residential use and a mop an. Cement and would like to see the wear layer the cabinets are installed Depot that this lifeproof for. Will zep foaming wall cleaner home depot it throughout the bottom up compared to others ) 9/10 ease of install 7/10 cost of,!

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