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What I want to see happen is a large home bought for the family that I am the head of. In 1937 Mellon donated a collection worth $25 million to the US government. Discover the family tree of Andrew Mellon for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry. Spouses, children and grandchildren. Geni requires JavaScript! Andrew Mellon was an industrialist and financier who served as US Treasury Secretary from 1921 to 1932. The Mellon family is a wealthy and influential American family from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, whose members include one of the longest-serving U.S.wikipedia. Mellon became a judge and invested his income in real estate and later banking. Andrew Mellon also donated his art collection and money to establish the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC which opened in 1941. There are many grants I can apply for. December 22, 2020. Andrew Mellon did his tertiary education at the Western University of Pittsburgh. COVID-19 Response, Press Releases. After this experience, Mellon refrained from courting women for several years. Mellon invested capital in aluminum, steel, oil, coal and coke corporations. Andrew William Mellon was born on March 24, 1855, in Pittsburgh, and died on August 26, 1937, in his residence in Southampton, Long Island, New York. His habit of taking long vacations, his age, his manners, and his soft-spoken shyness might have been mistaken for weakness and frailty in someone else. • Thomas Mellon (1813–1908), a judge and founder of the Mellon Bank who married Sarah Jane Negley of Pittsburgh. Father of Judge Thomas Alexander Mellon; Eleanor Stotter; Eliza Bowman; Margaret Shields; Samuel Mellon and 1 other; and William Mellon « less Select from premium Andrew W Mellon of the highest quality. Feb 7 1785 - Camphill Farm, Lower Castleton, Tyrone, Ireland, Oct 11 1856 - Pennsylvania, United States, Archibald Mellon, Elizabeth Mellon (born Armour), ...s Alexander Mellon Sr., Andrew Mellon, Lockhart Mellon, Walter Mellen, Eleanor Stotler (born Mellon), Samuel Wauchob Mellon, Samuel W Mellon, ...Armour Mellon, Samuel Mellon, Thomas Mellon, John Mellon, Archibald A. Mellon, Nancy Anne Graham (born Mellon), and, Feb 7 1785 - Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland, Oct 11 1856 - Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States of America, Judge Thomas Mellon, Eleanor Stotler, Eliza Bowman, Margaret Shields, Samuel Wauchob Mellon, Feb 7 1785 - Estate owned by generations., Castleton, Parish of Cappaigh, Camp Hill Cottage, Tyrone, Ireland, Oct 11 1856 - Patton, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States, Walter Mellon, Thomas Alexander Mellon, James Mellon, Elenor Stotler (born Mellon), Elizabeth Bowman (born Mellon), Samuel Wauchob Melon, Thomas Alexander Mellon, James Mellon, Eleanor Mellon, Elizabeth Mellon, Samuel W Mellon, Margaret Mellon, Margaret Mellon, Armour Mellon, Samuel Mellon, Thomas Mellon, John Mellon, Archibald A. Mellon, William Mellon, Mellon, Margaret Mellon, Armour Mellon, Samuel Mellon, Thomas Mellon, John Mellon, Archibald A. Mellon, Anne Mellon, William Mellon, ...omas Alexander (Judge) Mellon, James Mellon, Eleanor Stotler (born Mellon), Elizabeth Bowman (born Mellon), Samuel W Mellon, Margaret Mellon, Archibald Mellon, Elizabeth Mellon (born Amour (Armor)), Margaret Mellon, Armour Mellon, Samuel Mellon, Thomas Mellon, John Mellon, Archibald A. Mellon, Annie Nancy Mellon, William Mellon, ... Mellon, Eliza Mellon, Eleanor Stotler (born Mellon), Samuel W Mellon, Samuel Wauchob Mellon, Mellon, Mellon. President Hoover became disenchanted with Mellon when the depression caused the debt to rise, and the top rate of tax rose to eighty percent. James R. Mellon was born on January 14, 1846. Andrew William Mellon (/ ˈ m ɛ l ə n /; March 24, 1855 – August 26, 1937), sometimes A.W., was an American banker, businessman, industrialist, philanthropist, art collector, and politician. Although the National Gallery had largely been the vision of his father, Andrew Mellon—the successful businessman, ambassador to the U.K. and secretary of the treasury under three presidents—who died in 1937, Paul carried his father’s plan to fruition, donating money and works of art, including masterworks from Raphael, Titian and Vermeer among others. March 24, During his tenure, he enforced Prohibition, t and reformed the tax system. In 1898, while traveling with Frick and Frick's wife to Europe, Mellon met Nora McMullen, a nineteen-year-old Englishwoman of Ulster Scots ancestry. 1855, Businessman, Industrialist, Philanthropist, Art collector, Politician, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Birth and Family. His heirs grew the fortune. President Franklin D Roosevelt instigated an inquiry into Mellon’s tax personal tax history. The Mellon family fortune originated with Mellon Bank, founded in 1869. Mellon attended what is now the University of Pittsburgh and joined his father’s family bank soon after graduation. Shared Experiences Blog. Thomas became a lawyer and a banker. It was once the home of the Mellon family – Andrew and Rebecca and their young son Thomas – before they emigrated to America in 1818. I am the … A generous philanthropist Andrew Mellon donated in the region of $10 million over the course of his life. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Today, Chatham College students know it as the Mellon Center administration building. With the help of family friend Colonel James M. Guffey, Andrew Mellon created and controlled the Westmoreland & Cambria Gas Company and the Southwest Pennsylvania Natural Gas Company. Andrew Mellon was a U.S. businessman, philanthropist, ambassador, and Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. His father Thomas Mellon (b.1813-d.1908) was a lawyer, judge, and businessman who founded Mellon Bank. I can serve on the Monuments committee due to being kin to Robert E. Lee, and is Liz via the Rosamond family. A Republican who was involved in politics in his home state, Mellon was appointed Secretary of the Treasury in 1921. Genealogy profile for Andrew Mellon Andrew Mellon (1785 - 1856) - Genealogy Genealogy for Andrew Mellon (1785 - 1856) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. In 1882 his father Alexander Mellon transferred ownership of Mellon Bank to Andrew Mellon. ...Mellon, Eleanor Stotler (born Mellon), Elizabeth Bowman (born Mellon), Samuel W Mellon, Samuel Wauchob Mellon, Margaret Mellon,

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